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The advantages of adhesive bonding technology are obvious: light, clean and, above all, safe. Whether in the automotive sector, building and construction industry, flexoprinting industry or medical technology - the fields of application for Lohmann's pioneering technologies are diverse. For example, they realize the secure hold of add-on parts on cars, efficient production processes in the electronics industry, easy repositioning during plate mounting in flexographic printing or skin-friendly health patches for medical diagnostics - the creative innovations of the adhesive technology experts range from multifunctional adhesive tape portfolios for electrical and thermal management in EV batteries to customized die-cuts with low µm tolerances, which are applied using pick-and-place technology in series production

We have been relying in cutting-edge technology and precision in industrial adhesive technology for over 170 years. We offer customized solutions with double-sided adhesive tapes, transfer films and reactive adhesive systems, which are already standard in numerous industries worldwide. Joining components efficiently and securely, we provide optimal solutions for our customers. From global specification work to individual product development and in-house converting with various high-precision manufacturing processes through to integration into your production processes - our experts support you throughout the entire project.

Our family business always focuses on sustainability and the careful use of resources in product development. Solvent-free production, UV curing instead of energy-intensive heating processes and recycling concepts are just some of Lohmann's innovative approaches.

Examples include the smart TwinMelt® technology, which not only enables innovative adhesive tape solutions but also eliminates the use of solvents in the coating of double-sided adhesive tapes, thus significantly reducing the company's CO2 footprint. Another example is the development of the UV-LUX® adhesive technology. It is the world's first UV light-activated adhesive tape solution with color change and enables customers to dispense with energy-intensive heat curing. The bio-based adhesive tapes in the DuploCOLL® ECO range and the LinerLoop concept, which enables a closed recycling loop for paper liners, also demonstrate the compatibility of innovation and sustainability.

Founded in 1851, Lohmann is considered a pioneer in adhesive tape technology and is now active worldwide. The headquarters of the adhesive tape group is located in Neuwied/Germany. The company employs over 1,800 people worldwide and is active at 27 international locations and with exclusive sales partners in over 50 countries around the globe.

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Longwear Skin Adhesive

NEW: Our skin-friendly adhesive tape for medical Wearables offers extended wear-time of 28+ days.

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EV Batteries

Multifunctional tapes and high-precision die-cuts for thermal and electrical management of Li-Ion batteries.

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The world's first UV-light activatable adhesive tape solution with color change.

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Smart Technology: 100% solvent-free coating process and reduced CO2 footprint.

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Low Emission Tapes

Low-emission bonding: Low VOC, fogging and odor values and 100% solvent-free.

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Our value chain

From a single source: From high-tech tapes and inhouse converting to process integration.

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The Innovation Hub

Lohmann as development partner for new technologies and innovative business ideas.

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Responsible solutions in every bond - Lohmann's commitment to a better future.

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