DuploCOLL® G

Innovative Bonding on Glass with integrated Activator

The trend in the automotive sector is clear: ever larger glass surfaces, more and more applications directly on glass. If emblems, letterings and plastic add-on parts are to bond securely on glass it meant until now that an additional work step was required to pretreat the glass surface with an activator. A time-consuming and costly operation.


More efficient without pretreatment

In order to save this additional working step the Bonding Engineers developed DuploCOLL® G. The double-sided foam adhesive tape contains an activator that is already implemented into the special adhesive. Therefore the additional pre-treatment with an activator is no longer necessary. All that now needs to be done is to clean the glass surface beforehand. DuploCOLL® G achieves the same strong and permanent bonds as those of conventional adhesive tapes that require such a pre-treatment.

Your benefit: Saving time and money while simultaneously giving your bonding processes a decisive boost in efficiency.

Innovative from Layer to Layer

A compressible permanently elastic PE foam carrier allows the compensation of component tolerances especially for different thermal expansion coefficients. The pure acrylic adhesive on the open side guarantees an outstanding final strength and the integrated activator in the special adhesive on the covered side realizes rapid and effective bonding. 

Product Carrier Adhesive covered side Adhesive open side Thickness
DuploCOLL® 92008 G PE foam black special adhesive for glass*  Pure acrylic 0,80 mm
DuploCOLL® 92011 G PE foam black special adhesive for glass* Pure acrylic 1,10 mm
DuploCOLL® 92115 G PE foam black special adhesive for glass* Pure acrylic 1,50 mm

* Activator inside

Thoroughly tested – test results that inspire confidence
  LOH_Diagramm_DuploCOLL_G_4EN_800.png   The results from the test rig confirm the outstanding product properties of DuploCOLL ® G. The adhesive bonds are temperature, weather and moisture resistant while achieving the same consistently high level of performance. Powerful statement: the adhesion to the substrates is excellent as a foam split occurs.


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