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Medical Webinars


On-demand webinar:
Health Patches | From development to upscale production   

Health Patch Webinar.pngJoin our webinar and learn how Lohmann's advanced materials, product development and efficient manufacturing revolutionize health patches. Our expertise in skin-friendly bonding solutions ensures the perfect interface for medical sensing technologies. Besides high adhesive strength, a high patient comfort of the product is crucial when it comes to medical Wearables, such as Health Patches.  

Don't miss this opportunity to discover how Lohmann's expertise can transform your health patch development.  

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Key highlights: 

  • Complete value chain from adhesive formulation to die-cutting  
  • Material Toolbox for wearables 
  • Process toolbox 
  • Stages of upscaling 
  • Success story: SteadySense temperature sensing for continuous monitoring 
  • Partnerships as a success factor 
  • Joint development as a success factor 
  • Quality management system complies with EN ISO 13485 


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