Bonding on automotive glass with UV-LUX®

A sustainable and efficient bonding process for add-on parts on automotive glass

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For the bonding of add-on parts to glass in the automotive sector, Lohmann has developed a UV-light activatable double sided tape, that makes the process faster, safer and more sustainable: UV-LUX®. It combines the fast process of a pressure sensitive tape with the strength of a reactive adhesive. 

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UV-activation < 3 seconds No creeping No pretreatment on glass


By eliminating the need for primers, activators and the cool chain, Lohmann makes processes more efficient and sustainable. Both the short activation time (10 times faster compared to state-of-the-art UV reactive liquid adhesives) as well as the immediate handling strength enable uniquely short process times for a reactive adhesive bond. The final bond meets the high requirements of the automotive industry regarding temperature, moisture and aging resistance.

Application process:

Example locator pin bonding

 Locator Pin with UV-LUX adhesive tape from Lohmann with Fingerlift.jpg   The UV-LUX adhesive tape is activated by UV light.jpg   The locator pin is attached to the windshield.jpg   Final curing of the UV-LUX adhesive tape within 24 hours.jpg 

Equipped add-on part with UV-LUX tape and liner release through fingerlift

Activation with a
365 nm UV-LED in under
3 seconds and a color change from blue to pink

Application pressure of
20 to 100 N/cm²

Immediate handling strength, fully cured after 24 h


Product features of bonding add-on parts to glass with UV-LUX®

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High humidity and aging resistance


The epoxy chemistry gives our products a high moisture and aging resistance to withstand typical industry tests such as PV1200 and Cataplasm. The temperature resistance ranges from -40 °C up to 105 °C.

Semi-structural strength


Our UV-LUX products combine the ease of use of a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape with the strength and durability of a semi-structural bond after curing. The semi-structural strength allows our products to require less bonding area to attach a component.


  UV-LUX Colour change after activation by UV light.png  

Activation detection through color change


A color chage from blue to pink initiated by UV-light ensures a sufficient activation and enables a visual check within the process.

Delivery of equipped parts


We deliver ready to use add-on parts with a fingerlift option for an easy liner release. This can significantly reduce complexity within your production process.


 LOH_TRA_Locator_pins V Lux Lupe_2023_Raster_HI.jpg 

Cationic curing mechanism


After activation our tape has an open time of 5 minutes to apply it on the glass. That allows us to bond non translucent attachement parts (i.e. GFRP) to the ceramic frit of the glass.


Locator pin bonding



To hold the glass in position during the PU-adhesive curing process, Lohmann’s UV-LUX® tape provides locator pin bonding with semi-structural strength. The final bonding strength and static shear resistance allows to bond even heavy glasses without creeping or sliding. This allows to enable perfect gap dimensions between the glazing and the car body.

 LOH_TRA_Auto_Frontscheibe_PIN_HI_PNG_1600 (RGB).png 

No shifting and creeping with UV-LUX!

In comparison to state-of-the-art acrylic foam tapes, UV-LUX has significantly higher shear strength. This enables customers to reduce the bonding area of the locator pins.

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